Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle - My thoughts

Long time, no post, I know! And to think it's the end of April already! My kids have been on school break (end of Term 1) since the week before Easter. They don't go back until next week. It's been great having them home.


I wanted to post about The Ultimate Homemakers Bundle that has been going on the past week. For $29.97, you get a lot of goodies: 78 ebooks under various topics, 2 printable packs, 2 ecourses, 2 audio files, and 10 bonuses.

Lots of great ebooks that I am excited to have. A few topics didn't really pertain to me, such as the homeschooling section, pregnancy and babies, and working from home & blogging. But there were a lot of ebooks in the other topics. I'll enjoy reading those.


I am a little disappointed. I shouldn't be but I am. I can't really get the 10 bonuses. It's ok if you are in the US, have a credit card (which I don't), or can afford to pay high postage costs if you live outside the US like I do. So yeah, I'm a little disappointed on that aspect. I didn't purchase the ebook bundle just for the bonuses of course, but still.

But, I'm glad to have the ebooks though. And $29.97 is a great deal I think!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My faux filofax

This is my faux filofax (I call it that because I really didn't want to fork out the money for a real one, and plus, I didn't need a real one). This is a desk organizer day planner by Collins Debden.

Nothing fancy. It has a zipper closure, and is A5 size. I'm not using the inserts it came with because I wanted something different. Let's look inside. This is my current setup...

Inside on the left in the card slots I have some postage stamp booklets, some small notepad paper, and some cute little envelopes I printed out to hold some faux muji stamp check list thing I made which you will see later on, some stickers and some to-do lists that I am "supposed" to be doing *cough*.

On the right is a business card holder.

Next is a little fly leaf with some sticky flags and post-its.

On the left is a clear pocket I made from one of those pocket calendar covers. It holds my supermarket stuff - flybuys card which is a frequent shopper type thing and some coupons that you use with the card to get more points. One week might be triple points, or maybe just 750 points.

On the right is my first divider for my calendar section.

This is the start to my monthly calendar which I got on Etsy from Pembroke Papers.

Month on 2 pages. Plenty of space to write in the squares or notes down the side.

Next is my week-at-a-glance section...

These I purchased on Etsy from Organise With Katie.

Week on 2 pages. Now, on the left side is where I used one of my faux muji stamp check list I made and printed out as you can see in the Monday spot. I think I need to make the check list a little bigger. Better yet would be to buy a muji stamp. They don't cost much. I've seen them for sale on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money. 

On the right is a little to-do list.

This is a fly leaf I made that will hold little reminders. I can take the fly leaf out and put wherever.

Here is what the week on 2 pages looks like, decorated with washi tape.

Next is my prayer section. (Forgot to take a photo of my divider page, but that's ok). This printable comes from Lime Tree Fruits. She has a bunch of lovely freebies, as well as a paid membership section.

I didn't take a photo of it, but the next tabbed section is miscellaneous, and wasn't worth it.

Last is another zipper pocket that holds some stickers, and some other to-do lists that I "should" be doing (but I've been bad and haven't *cough*). ;-)

So, hope you enjoyed having a look at my faux filofax. Nothing fancy, but I like it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Washi Tape and a peek at my faux Filofax

I've recently started getting into washi tape. You probably already know what it is. It is a patterned tape that is kind of like masking tape, and originates from Japan. Washi tape can be made if different materials such as paper or fabric such as the ones I have. This is the start of my little collection, which I hope to expand on...

The 2 stacks in the center are fabric, and the 2 outer stacks are paper tape. Although I think the fabric ones are pretty, I prefer the paper type.

There are a variety of used for washi tape, but I bought these specifically to use in what I call my faux Filofax. (I think Filofaxes are way over-priced so I bought something a little cheaper). This is just a sneak peek at mine, as I plan on doing a more detailed post eventually. But this just gives you a little idea of how I plan to use my washi tape.

I don't plan on going all out on decorating my pages, but I just want to have fun with it all and add a bit of color into it. it's fun to watch YouTube videos on peoples filofaxes. Some really go all out on decorating their pages.

Do you use a filofax or something like it? Do you decorate your pages? Are you into washi tape, and how do you use it?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

So is it Summer or not?

Actually I am not complaining about the weather. It is Summertime here in Australia, but it's been fairly cool which I am happy about. This ol' body of mine just doesn't cope with warm weather. Those warmer days will be here soon enough.

We've had some pretty strong winds since last night. Unfortunately I left clothes out on the clothesline, so that was on my mind all night. I went out this morning to bring in the clothes and only 2 things had blown off. I'm thankful it wasn't more. The wind has died down a bit this afternoon, but I'm not sure if it's safe to hang any laundry out.

We went to the shopping center today, which is about a 1/2 hour away. We have to drive over a causeway where there is water on both sides. And that wind was spraying water all over the cars and road like crazy. I was feeling very nervous when the water splashed all over the windshield.

Our poor cherry plum tree out the back needs picking. The wind has blown a lot of them off, which is a shame. The cherry plums are really nice to eat. Had to turn the trampoline over so the wind didn't pick it up and blow it around.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

A new year, and a new blog. Well, I decided to bring my blog back. I got frustrated with my last one because I just didn't feel like I had anything to offer. But now I think to myself that I shouldn't blog to please anyone. I should blog for myself. If anyone wants to read, they will. Otherwise they will leave.

I don't know what I have planned for this blog. I do hope to share my home management binder that I am working on. I hope to share recipes , and life in general, and who knows what else. :-)